The Complete Web Designers Course That Takes You From a Novice to a Pro Under 7 Days!

In this course you will learn everything you need to become a pro web designer and make up to 100k per month designing websites for businesses. Join over 300 students, and get instant access to all of the lessons now.

The most exciting thing about this course is that you do not have to be a hardcore programmer before you master web design and development. All you need is basic smartphone and laptop skills. This step-by-step 22-video course requires no coding skills, yes you heard it right, no coding skills required, and still, you will be able to create amazing websites.

What You Will Get From This Course

This Complete Web Designers Course will teach you about the full process of custom web design using Elementor and WordPress.

Build Websites Without Coding Skills

You will be able to build beautiful coperate websites, blogs and eCommerce websites with WordPress using Elementor.

No Hosting and Domain Setup Needed

You will learn how to install WordPress on your PC using XAMMP so you can learn without paying for a domain and webhosting.

Domain and Hosting Mastery Class

You will learn all about domain names and how to host your websites online. The different types of web hosting, and how to connect a domain to a hosting.

Build a functional eCommerce Website

You will learn how to build and set up an online market, upsells and cross-sells, coupon codes, carts page, checkout page, and integrate online payment to it.

We Have Bonuses For You

Free and instant access to premuim tools worth $50.
Full support - 30days after training mentoring.
Express access to most of our future course videos.

Who This Course is For


Are you unemployed and can spare a few of your free time to learn something new? You are the main reason I created this course.

Earn Extra Income

As a web designer, you can earn as little as 30k and as high as 500k and above per month. You do not have to be a hardcore programmer before you master web design and development. All you need is basic smartphone and laptop skills.

Learn While Working

This is a video course and is made to accommodate any crazy work schedules. You could go through the courses during lunch break or even while cooking! Yea, that's how easy it is.

This course is affordable

Unlike most other web design courses, you do not have to break the bank to purchase this 17-video course, and start designing sophisticated websites.

We Already Have Testimonials

See what other students are saying about this Complete Web Designers Course

Franka Moneke
Franka Moneke
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I was really amazed the way you took your time to explain the necessary things in this video course.
Nwanja Mary
Nwanja Mary
Read More
This course is really educating, Thank you so much, you are a great teacher.
Opara Nnamdi
Opara Nnamdi
Read More
This is so interesting, thank you ma.
Nwoke Obinna
Nwoke Obinna
Read More
Thank you for bringing the price as low as this, this course gave me a whole lot of insights.

Meet The Instructor.

Mogor Chidimma Gift is an enthusiastic entrepreneur currently practicing web development. I have always considered myself rebellious to my parents insistence to study pharmacy in the university. However I learnt to embrace my natural rive due to the discouragement I always get from JAMB. On getting admission into the university to study food science and technology, I craved for more intellectual and creative fulfillment because I always want to improve.

Gradually acquiring knowledge and skills while working across companies and functions enables me to birth my own design agency (Giftonian Designs), although I had too many ups and down but I was never discouraged because I have this belief that there is a way to combine work and school. In turn, this triggers me to share my ideology with others through teaching and designing (I love teaching).

I have this great passion for heterogeneity, growth and development, invariably this illuminates a candle light behind everything I do because I hardly give up. Today, having five years experience in web development, I help transform business ideas into brands, design highly optimized and responsive web page, as well as teaching and learning with young vibrant youth who are ready to skill up and not depend on the government. I am also building a vibrant online platform for students, and have launched dozens of websites online for people. SEE YOU INSIDE THE COMPLETE WEB DESIGNER’S COURSE TRAINING

Designed by Gift Mogor of Giftonian Designs

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