An easy way you can cancel a mail sent with Gmail

Yes oh, oh! Yet yeah!  Google’s Gmail is here with the “Delete option” option to stop all the embarrassments associated with sending email to the wrong person. It is used for canceling or restoring an email that is already submitted to you. This feature gives you 10 sec, no matter the type of email, a total of 10 secs in which to remember an email sent.

Secondly, you can find out that if you have received a message as the “sending message” when trying to send an email, this means you are free from the “undo send” but when you have the “send” “cancel”, then the “undo send” feature has been activated.

To activate undo send on the laptop:

Undo Send has added to Gmail a number of years ago and in 2015 it was an official Gmail option. Now Undo has been enabled default since the latest Gmail is released last year and can not be removed. But how long can un send e-mail be changed? Sign into Gmail and pick Preferences and press the Gear button at the top right.

Scroll down to Undo Send under the General page on your desktop. Pick the button “Delete Submit” for 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds after you touch the screen and press the screen to open it.

Tap Save Changes to the left. When you send an text, the bottom left of the Undo button will appear. Press Undo, and you can accept the email as a draft to start editing.

The undo setting applies to the Gmail mobile app once the setting have been made on the desktop. All you have to do now is shoot the app, make a new email and submit it off. 

At the bottom of the smartphone is an Undo Link which is now on the phone for however many seconds that you set it on the desktop. 

To get back to your selection, press Undo. IOS (left) and Android (right), appears the same as an gui.

To Confirm Email Before Sending

Before sending an email you can review the mail and confirm it before sending

Click on the hamburger icon, scroll down to the bottom of the left pane, and tap Settings to enable it in the Android Gmail app. Tap General Configurations on the Settings screen. Scroll down the screen and then tap the checkmark next.

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