An essential guide for social media entrepreneurs

I do. I understand that. Social media is a hard nut for cracking. It also takes a lot of energy, care, and effort. And, let’s not forget, all the marketing work falls on top of the actual consumer work that you do. I know, it’s daunting.
Don’t you just wish there was a guideline made specifically for entrepreneurs in social media? A guide of actionable and repeatable actions that you should take regularly? A guide that will help you develop a following and, more importantly, help you get more customers? Bad luck: nobody. And that’s exactly why I made this guide because I think it’s going to help entrepreneurs pull out all their hair with no idea where to start.

Below are list of guideline for entrepreneurs looking up to social media.

Phase 1: Pick the prospective customers

Regardless of if you are targeting a specialized market or a more general community of consumers, you must have a particular audience goal. Without it you will market without purpose – marketing without purpose is wasteful of money and time.

It is an additional, but a crucial move. When you realize just how you are attempting to meet, your choices would be better knowledgeable and therefore more successful when you go ahead with this phase.

A perfect place to start creating is by constructing a “follower persona”   

“SaaS / B2B C-level professionals aged 21-35, who don’t have an internal copywriter and are software companies and digital marketing firms.”

The best thing is that you can’t be too personal.

Examples of questions you can ask are?

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Income level
  • Educational level
  • Type of industry
  • # of employees
  • Type of business
  • Revenue
  • …and more!

For example, I know from my experience which language to use in culture, what kind of content they are associated with, and more notably which social media sites they are already using.

That’s taking me to …

Phase 2: Identify the social platform  for your focus audience

“There are more workable mechanisms than my fingertips and this can also lead to the option of choice paralysis. The first move is to jump head-on-head on simple sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
That’s all right, but I’ll suggest invest time studying and brainstorming to save time and money on where the target market.

It is simple to deduce from my illustration that: These practitioners more often use LinkedIn and Facebook and LinkedIn groups that act as think tanks and may even be on Twitter. To fit your niche, you should rehash this: Is your “follower character” a creator? Instagram might be a strong starting point. Are they competitive on the venture? You may want to check out places like Angellist or Y Combinator, then. Looking to serve clever agencies? Most of them are on Dribbble or Behance-at these sites you can take a clip.

Phase 3: Being socially inclined  

The aim of this step is to warm up and nurture leads which you already have made contact within your network.

Easy sounds, okay? Okay, that’s it. Ok. Staying on top of it will become somewhat daunting, but not if you have a checklist properly mapped out.


If the chance emerges, join the opportunities and other freelancers.
Create at least one ( 1) photo of your freelancer’s life every day.

Share your Instagram stories for at least one (1) behind the scenes moment.

Take over a Feed / Stories with an independent person.

Ask freelancer friends to be on each other’s accounts on Instagram.

Using the correct hashtags.

Report on opportunities and the reports and tales of freelancers.

Check your stories after two weeks.


Consider using Facebook ad
Post on related Facebook  Group conversations.

Once the chance emerges, introduce clients and other freelancers to be friends.

Each day write at least one ( 1) blog entry on your Facebook page and profile (if there is one; you should!).

Write a (1) forum entry in related communities at least once a week.

Tell your fans to change feed settings first so that they can view your updates. They can change that by clicking on the “Press following” tab and by modifying it.

Vote on articles, posts and photos of projects and fellow freelancers status.

Grab the moments behind the scenes and add them on your profile or website.


Every day, write a huge amount of tweets. 
Check that the tweets apply to the customers that you want to serve. 

Let your character shine. 

Retweet related comments from influencers and backers. 

Each week, join a huge number of new users. 

Every day answer the references and DMs


Create pins for your blog posts, then upload them to Pinterest then connect to your page. 

Pins can easily be created with free web applications such as Canva. 

Build panels focused on other facets of the services. For my scenario, “information development tools” or “Copywrite suggestions” will be included. 

When you write a new blog entry, add your pins to your frames.


Post on the corresponding LinkedIn Team forum conversations.
If the chance pops up, communicate with clients and other freelancers.

Write a total of one (1) blog post on your profile every week.

Every week posts in related communities at least one ( 1) blog entry.

Vote on the status changes, tweets and videos for opportunities and fellow freelancers.

Also post your freelancing experiences behind the scenes.


Replace and publish your blog entries on Slideshare as presentations.

At least twice a month, update your Slideshare.


Create videos that demonstrate your freelancer expertise. Or create videos and address the most frequently asked questions of prospects.
Attach the dedicated attach timeline of photos.

Ask users to press on the ‘Ring’ icon above the Abonn tab. When you upload new videos, this will notify them.

At the beginning of your video summary, connect to your blog and other social media.

Connect on the industry ‘s latest outlets.

Vote on the videos in question.

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