Why I Need a One Page Website for my Small Business.

A single page website is a website that has only one page, the information pertaining to the website are all listed in one page, there are no additional pages like About us, Contact us etc.

If you are a small business owner that wants to develop a website with a little contents, then single page design is for you.

Lets Check out the importants of one page websites.

  • It has a concise content– Your one page website is like your business bronchure, it looks nice and short. A single web page has its own unique way of presenting the content layout of your products. In other words it allows you to provide the most important information to your users foe them to see what you have to offer.
  • It has a great responsive look on other device– Of course one page website looks beautiful on any device, one of the most important aspect of one page website is responsive design. Sites without pages looks great on any device and offers the same features as applications that are popular among users.
  • It can easily convert Lead– One of the important of one page website is its conversion rate. Statistics shows that conversion rates are high when users are forced to click the call to action button. If you want to promote your site and develop online strategy then you have to consider how to make your vistors a potential customers.
  • Its shows HOW– You can communicate on your site and show the way to the user. The users just have to scroll, they don’t need to search other pages to see information about your product.
  • Its cheap– You can see the beauty of web design on a one page site and get it at affordable price.

Importants attributes of one-page website

  • A structured Headline – A structured Healine is one of the important attributes that keeps a user scrolling on your website, its one main attributes that gets the users attention to scroll through the webpage.

The image shows the headline of optinmonster website.

  • A call to action button– A one page website requires a call to action button so that users can navigate through it once they visit the web page. They can navigate straight to the payment page.
  • Description of the product details– This provides a deatiled guilde of what you are offering to your customers.
  • Testimonals from cutomers– Showing off positive reviews that your brand or company have recived from its users.
  • Contact Information– Providing your contacts, so that your customers can reach you at any point in time.

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